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February 21, 2018

NANCY BAILEY – An American Child Trafficker


Nancy Bailey founded an orphanage called Semillas de Amor (Seeds of Love) in Antigua Guatemala in 1996, with the intention of selling Guatemalan children to desperate Americans, looking to adopt.

Trafficking of children is a form of human trafficking and is defined as the “recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, and/or receipt” of a child for the purpose of exploitation”.

VERSIÓN en Español; NANCY BAILEY – Traficante gringa de niños

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Under the pretext of caring for orphaned children, Nancy gathered and housed a gaggle of children which she acquired by various unscrupulous means, with the help of crooked Guatemalan lawyers, her own team of Doctors from dubious backgrounds and dubious reputation, local kidnappers and people traffickers, who were all in it for the money.

Business was so good, that Nancy soon purchased a large property in the town of Parramos, out of the way of prying eyes, halfway between Antigua Guatemala and Chimaltenango, where she constructed a huge multi-roomed barracks, ringed the perimeter of the property with high walls and installed more security than even the local narco dealers usually have.

The editor of the Guatemala Chronicle visited Nancy’s citadel in Parramos on a number of occasions between 2006 and 2008, on matters unrelated to children or adoptions and it was difficult to tell whether it was a “genuine orphanage” or a “high security prison”, designed to hide the valuable stocks of children kept within it’s walls.

In 2007, the Guatemalan government decided to halt all foreign adoptions, after numerous outcries from Human Rights organizations and mounting accusations that the children being “adopted” were not in fact genuine orphans and had been purchased, stolen or kidnapped from their genuine mothers or families.

Nancy’s child selling business was a roaring success until the Guatemalan Attorney’s Office knocked on her door one day, trying to verify the origins and identification of one of the small children supposedly in her care.

However, Nancy Bailey refused to allow entry of the Attorney General’s officers to her compound, so they organized a full blown raid on the property and found fifty one (51) young children, all in the process of being sold off to US buyers.

Many of these children were in various stages of “adoption procedures” and as Nancy had taken substantial deposits from numerous American couples, she was now unable to deliver. The complaints against her mounted and this batch of children alone, was worth more than $2 million US Dollars to her.

Nancy has always claimed she is innocent and that the situation she finds herself in, is because she is the “victim of a disgruntled employee she dismissed, who has set out to get her”.

However, aditional information discovered by the Guatemala Chronicle, reveals that Nancy Bailey has been involved with some very shady people in the US who are in the adptopn business, as detailed in this thouroughly reserached background piece entitled, ADOPTION AGENCY CHARGED WITH RICO

In 2010, the CICIG (Guatemala’s International Commission Against Impunity), issued a report saying it had discovered 3,342 irregular adoptions, mostly to US couples, by “networks of child-trafficking in the country for the purpose of illegal adoptions”.

In 2008, Guatemalan prosecutors from the MP (Ministerio Publico) issued an arrest warrant for Nancy Bailey and charged her with taking other peoples children illegally and putting them up for illegal adoption for fees as high as $40 thousand US dollars each.

But Nancy decided to go on the lamb, become a fugitive and continued traveling to Asia and to the US via El Salvador, from where she could enter and leave Guatemala with minimum scrutiny, while she continued trafficking in stolen children, for huge sums of money.

Guatemalan authorities eventually found out about Nancy’s movements in El Salvador and asked Interpol to track her down in that country. On the 15th of December 2014, she was arrested in El Salvador and handed over to the Guatemalan police on the border at Ciudad Pedro de Alvarado in the department of Jutiapa.

63 year old Nancy has been in preventative custody since then, fluctuating between stints in the Santa Teresa Prison for women and a private hospital, supposedly suffering from “arterial hypertension”, while awaiting her trial.

According to investigators and reports by the prosecutors, it turns out that Nancy was no slouch at “organizing” and “running” her illegal child adoption racket. Whenever she didn’t have all the necessary documentation in place, she simply falsified documents, paid other women to pretend they were the biological mothers of the infants and had a gagle of crooked lawyers, who signed off on all documents as “sworn and truthful”.

Nancy also relied on a team of corrupt doctors who were part of her criminal enterprise and signed any document in exchange for cash, who provided fake DNA reports. Even the medical labs who at the time were “used and accredited” by the US Embassy in Guatemala, were in on the business of faking the DNA results and providing a 99.999% “Accurately Fake” DNA reports for her gang.

Nancy’s trial is scheduled to start on April 27, 2017 before the Tribunal of High Impact “A” and will be presided by judges Jazmin Barrios, Silvia Bustamante and Gervi Sical. Judge Barrios is the no-nonsense judge who presided over the trial of former dictator “Rivers of Blood” Efraín Ríos Montt and declared him guilty of genocide, so Nancy won’t be getting much simpathy from her.

Standing trial along with Nancy Bailey is Ana Fernanda López González, accused of falsifying DNA results in 2007 for some of Nancy’s children from her stable “Seeds of Love”. Six (6) other people related to this case, have already been sent to trial.

According to the Guatemalan state prosecutor Katia Calderón, the charges against Nancy Bailey and López González are for “capturing children for illegal purposes in return for a remuneration of up to $40 thousand US dollars each”.

If convicted, Nancy Susan Bailey could receive between 8 to 15 years of prison sentence for each illegal adoption and with the overwhelming evidence against her, Nancy´s future doesn´t look very bright.

As to the many Guatemalan children that dissapeared into North America, no one really knows what happened to them and no one really cares. The only people concerned are the ones who made lots of money from this scam and are scare they will be named or implicated when the trial begins.

Meanwhile, supporters of Nancy Bailey in Antigua Guatemala who have never seen anything wrong with “the sale of stolen children”, have launched a campaign on social media to portray her as a “Victim of Guatemalan Justice”.



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