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February 20, 2018

Bishop Gerardi, killed by the dog f****s


Bishop Gerardi — When the Bishop suddenly walked into the room, he was confronted with a sordid scene. One of his priests was clasped in a threesome with a German Sheppard’s cock up his arse.

The dog’s name was Baloo, which the Urban Dictionary describes as “the Hindi name for a bear or a large shaggy dog that loves to dangle his dick and will rape anyone in sight”.

Versión en Español; Monseñor Gerardi – Asesinado por los chi **dores de perros

INVESTIGATION© J. Russell – Updated April 26,2017
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On the 26th of April 1998, 75-year-old bishop Juan José Gerardi Conedera (1922–1998), a Guatemalan Roman Catholic bishop and human rights defender, was beaten to death in his parish house of the San Sebastian Church in Guatemala City, where he was the pastor.

The attack was so brutal that the bishop’s face was unrecognizable and his corpse had to be identified by means of his episcopal ring.

Gerardi was built like a bear, enjoyed his whiskey, loved to tell risque jokes was very popular and loved by everyone. 

In 1988 the Conference of Bishops assigned Gerardi and Rodolfo Quezada Toruño to serve on the National Reconciliation Commission established by the government, which later led to the creation of the Office of Human Rights of the Archbishop (Oficina de Derechos Humanos del Arzobispado, ODHA) which continues to provide assistance to victims of human rights violations.

The Recovery of Historical Memory (REMHI) project, began to collect the facts and history of Guatemala’s long civil war and confront the truth of those years. On the 24 April 1998, REMHI presented the results of its work in the report entitled Guatemala: Nunca más (Guatemala- Never again).

The REHMI report summarized the testimony and statements of thousands of witnesses and victims of repression during the Civil War. “The 1,400 page report laid the blame for 80 per cent of the atrocities at the door of the Guatemalan Army and its collaborators within the social and political elite” and named many of the guilty.

Two days after Guatemala: Nunca Más (Guatemala- Never again) was published, bishop Juan Gerardi was found dead in a pool of blood in the garage of his parish house.

In his book “The Art of Political Murder”, Francis Goldman went to great lengths to discard all other motives and blamed senior Guatemalan Army intelligence officers and their shady accomplices for the murder of Bishop Gerardi. Three military personell were convicted on this hypotheis and reluctantly and sent to prison.

As well as lauding the State investigators and the amateur sleuths of the Catholic Church, Goldman also set out to discredit any of the witnesses that claimed that Bishop Gerardi was murdered for inadvertently stumbling upon a depraved sex orgy, within his Parish home.

However, as we all know, the fancier a conspiracy theory, the more unlikely it is to be true. Statistically, most murders are committed by someone close to home and turn out to have simple explanations and motives.

Two theories

There are two theories as to why the Bishop was murdered and both are conjectures, as his death was never really investigated with probatory forensic evidence. In both cases, the events were made to fit the hypothesis.

One reason given is that he was assassinated by the military in reprisal for his outstanding work on Guatemala: Nunca Más (Never again), which disclosed and documented in detail the fate thousands of people killed by the military, during the internal war in Guatemala.

The other reason is of a more personal nature and much closer to home as detailed in the investigation carried out by the controversial investigative journalist, Jorge Lemus Alvarado, who was responsible for obtaining the taped confessions of the perpetrator who was ordered to assassinate the Guatemalan anthropologist Myrna Mack.

Lemus Alvarado, has conducted many controversial investigatios into some of the most dastardly and viscious crimes committed in Guatemala during the last 30 years and is part of the Guatemala Chronicle investigative team. More often than not, his investigations reveal that the “official version” of events, have little to do with the facts.

Lemus began investigating the murder of Bishop Juan Gerardi just one week after the event and has conducted a long term investigation that reaches a very different conclusion to Goldman’s book. All the witnesses he interviewed claim “it was the priests”, assisted by two characters known as Guayo and Chonax.

Lemus Alvarado’s investigation included information from various media, interviews with Erick Poitevan and Rafael Guillamon of MINUGUA, Fernando Penados of the ODHA, the MP Prosecutors Ardon, Seizing and Galindo, as well as in depth interviews with the majority of people close to the case.

He aslo interviewd the Bishop’s sister, the Parish housemaid, the street car watchers and washers that were in the park that fateful night, as well as various other homeless people, petty thieves and drug addicts that frequented the San Sebastian park each night and the gentleman who insisted on pissing inside the church each night.

Lemus Alvarado also interviewed members of the Valle del Sol gang that dealt in stolen religious relics, Elzer Omar Aguilar and Walter Douglas Pizatti, friends of Carlos Garcia Pontaza, as well as Ana Lucia Escobar the daughter of Bishop Efrain Hernandez and many others.

On that fateful Sunday, Bishop Gerardi returned home an hour earlier than usual from dinning with his sister. As he arrived, Pantera Iseppi, Vilma’s brother who usually slept in Centenary Park and washed cars in the street, was visiting San Sebastian that night. It was 8pm exactly.

Approximately 45 minutes later, Pantera headed off from San Sebastian park along 2nd Street, on his way to a pharmacy on the corner of 10th Avenue and 3rd Street to purchase himself a quimicaso (a bottle of 95% proof sugar cane alchohol) and then continued on to collect empty cans along 7th Street, all the way to 18th street.

As he passed in front of San Sebastian College, he saw a parked car with a couple inside, supposedly making out. He continued along the street bought his quimicaso and started collecting empty cans. He then headed up to Bolivar Avenue and returned via the 6th Avenue to San Sabastian at approximately 11pm.

A few minutes later, the priest Mario Orantes emerged from the Parish via a small side door near the garage and asked all the bums in the park (the Riveras, Bran and Pantera etc) if they had heard a thumping noise and thumped the wall to simulate the sound. Everyone answered NO, they hadn’t heard anything.

Just before then, a thin young man of regular height wearing no shirt, had emerged from the Parish via the garage door and had headed towards 2ndStreet. A few moments later he returned now wearing a shirt, stopped to buy a couple of cigarettes from the bums in the park and disappeared down 6thAvenue.

Meanwhile, as all this was going on, at approximately 7:30pm that same night, two friends, Eran Walter Duglas Pizatti and Luis Carlos García Pontaza were having a chat whilst sitting on a cement bench on the Centroamérica Avenue and the 15th or 16th Street, Zone 1.

At about 8:15pm, they started walking towards the Avenue Elena, planning to eat pupusas (a native dish of El Salvador). Luis Carlos was Ana Lucia Escobar’s boyfriend and had a borrowed her car, which he had parked about half a block away.

Although everyone denied it, everyone knew that Ana Lucia Escobar (nickname China), was really the illegitimate daughter of the priest Efrain Hernandez, but everyone pretended she was his niece. Her mother was the Calvary Parish’s housekeeper, who also owned the general store at the Mateo Perrone College.

At about 8:20pm, Luis Carlos received a call from Ana Lucia, who informed him that her friends had just killed Bishop Gerardi and begged him to come for her urgently at the Calvario Parish. He hastily mentioned this to Walter Duglas and left immediately, where he picked up Ana Lucia, her brother and the priest Efrain Hernandez.

Arriving at the San Sebastian park, Efrain Hernandez and Luis Carlos García Pontaza got out of the car and entered the church Parish residence via the church which was still open, as the 8pm Mass was just finishing.

Meanwhile, Ana Lucia Escobar continued in the vehicle to 7th Avenue, turned left and left again onto 2nd Street and parked her car outside the San Sebastian College and waited. Along with her brother, they pretended to be lovers, making out in the car. This of course is the same couple that Pantera saw on the way to get his quimicaso.

During their wait from 8:40pm to 11pm that night, the couple got out of the car and wandered around the park, where they were seen by another witness from whom Lemus Alvarado obtained a recorded statement.

At around 11.30pm, a car approached from 2nd Street and stopped outside the garage of the parish church. Mario Orantes the priest came out, spoke to the couple in the car briefly and they all hurried into the house.

Pantera noticed that this was the same car and couple he had seen parked in front of the college, since 8.45pm. He remembered the time, because the pharmacy where he usually bought his booze closed at 9pm and he got there just as they were closing.

A very important detail here is that according to Pantera, only the couple arrived and NOT the priest Efraín Henández (nickname Chino), who he knew very well, although the official church version is that the “Chino arrived with the China(meaning Efraín Henández and Ana Lucia Escobar).

Two days later, Walter Duglas Pizatti arrived at the house of Luis Carlos García Pontaza just as he was ready to go on the lam and disappear. Luis Carlos told him that he was in big trouble, as he had been made to arrange and cleanup the crime scene.

As if that that wasn’t bad enough, he now didn’t have anything and was convinced that he was the one they were going to blame, but had done it all because “he loved Ana Lucia Escobar and respected Efraín Henández”. etc. etc.

This is the same version of the story he recounted to Lemus Alavarado years later when he was in the Preventivo prison in Zona 18, just before he was assassinated, for what was believed to be an unrelated matter.

The Reconstruction

Now . . . most of what happened inside Gerardi’s parish house can be reconstructed with scientific evidence, the statements by Rivera, Bran, El Ronco, Vilma and those of the other homeless that had spent the night in the park.

balooBy returning an hour earlier than ususal from having dinner with his sister, Bishop Gerardi caught the priest Mario Orantes in an unbelievably debauched sexual scene with Guayo Perdomo, Chanax Sontay and Baloo the dog.

The scene that Gerardi encountered would have made him incredibly angry. He began shouting and in the process, kicked the dog visciously.

The dog retaliated, attacked Gerardi viciously and overpowered him. At the same time, the three zoophiles most likely erupted in a rage from their bestiality orgy and joined Baloo in a full scale attack against the Bishop.

In their enraged frenzy at being caught in flagrante delicto, the bestiality gang of queers beat and kicked Bishop Juan Gerardi to death and let Baloo the dog savage him, just for good measure.

According to luminol tests performed much later by the FBI, Gerardi was murdered in the priest Orantes’ room, then dragged down the corridor and dumped in the garage, where he was found.

Significantly, the only blood and DNA tests that matched the blood inside Orantes’s bedroom, was that of Chino Guayo and Chonax Sontay, even though those supposedly accused of the crime by ODHA were the memebers of the military, Escobar Blas, Disrael and Byron Lima etc, etc,.

mario_orantesAs to the participation of Baloo the German shepherd in the crime, the investigators discovered 40 photographs of Baloo’s fully erect penis in Mario Orantes’ bedroom. When questioned, the priest claimed that it was “how he determined if the dog was a pure breed”.

The evidence of the dog bite wounds on the Bishop’s head and behind his ear, were conclusive. A mold made of the dog’s dental structure matched the injuries exactly. The national daily elPeriódico even published a photo of this.

Ronald Ochaeta of the ODHA, claimed the Bishop had been bashed to death, using a mold of Baloo’s dental structure. Ridiculous and laughable, as during the trial, the ODHA even managed to have all the dog bite evidence, declared “inadmissible”.

Bit by bit, six of the homeless witnesses were all eliminated and died mysteriously of alcohol poisoning. Even Bishop Gerardi’s elderly sister was suspected of having been assisted to die before her time.

Baloo the dog, was quickly eliminated and died in custody at the vet’s after he was portrayed as an old useless dog that could hardly move. That he had viciously attacked a homeless person outside the Parish, just a week before Gerardi’s murder on instruccions from the priest Orantes, was irrelevant.

So we end up with a series of lies, misdirections, deceptions and contradictions. Newspaper articles, TV programs and even books have been written and published to hide the truth and incriminate the innocent.

The Catholic Church certainly didn’t want it’s image tarnished by a cabal of it’s own inhouse zoophile homosexual priests who were into group bestiality and committed this horrendous crime. At the time, It was expedient to blame the military and make it a political crime.

The murder of Bishop Juan Gerardi was blamed on Col. Byron Disrael Lima Estrada (60), his son Captain Byron Lima Oliva (31), Sergeant Obdulio Villanueva (36) and the priest Mario Orantes (38). All were convicted of the Bishop’s murder and sentenced to 30 years prison.

Obdulio Villanueva had been a bodyguard of President Arzu’s, but was already in jail for killing an inocent milkman by the name of Pedro Haroldo Sas Rompich in Antigua Guatemala with his machine gun, who he thought was going to attack the president’s convoy. Villanueva was later decapitated in prison, during an unrelated prison mutiny.

In 2016, Captain Byron Lima Oliva was assasinated in prison in a spectacular attack, in which 12 other prisoners were assasinated as well. Byron Lima always claimed he was inocento of the Bishop’s muder and claimed he was set-up as a patzy.

Just to add some icing to the cake, one of the homeless men attending Mass at the Cathedral the Sunday after the murder, started yelling at the top of his lungs that “the Chino was the murderer”. No one bothered to pay him any attention.

As Bob Dylan reminded us in Oxord Town “Somebody better investigate soon”.



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