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February 20, 2018

Argentinian captured for assaulting local police


Argentinian captured for assaulting local police

So . . . This illustrious looking Argentinian citizen was arrested in Antigua Guatemala today, for assaulting a woman in the street who is believed to be his partner, and then threatening the Tourist Police who intervened, with having them “dismissed from their jobs, as his parents are extremely influential”.

24 year old Victor Manuel Donato Valenzuela who lives in Guatemala City in Vista Hermosa in Zona 15, assaulted the regular Police who intervened when he was causing a public scandal and attempted to commandeer one of their guns.

Donato Valenzuela then threatened to kill the Police and have them fired from their jobs, claiming his parents were “very influential and very high up in the government”.

As a result, he was arrested and taken to the Juzgado de Turno (Court of Duty) in Antigua Guatemala.

Many English speaking Guatemala Chronicle readers, will be unaware of the almost legendary reputation of Argentinians, as being one of the most arrogant of nationalities, walking this planet.

Without going into long and tedious details, I will summarize this arrogance with a popular Latin American joke about Argentinians, which I have adapted for our readers:

A group of young people of various nationalities are having a bar-BBQ in their back yard, when it starts to rain heavily, followed by a powerful fork lightning storm close by. Among the group, is a young Argentinian male in his mid 20s.

Everyone races inside the house to shelter from the rain, while at the same time looking for some safety from the forked lighting that is crashing nearby, except for the Argentinian, who stays out in the rain with the forkes of lightning flashing all around him, while running his fingers through his hair, to tidy it up.

His friends start yelling “Are you crazy? What do you think you are doing?, come inside, that’s dangerous”.

The Argentinian turns towards his friends, waves one hand at them dismissively and calls out to them; “Don’t worry, I won’t be long, it’s just that God is taking a photo of me”.




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